Mo Flava to give away 10 bursaries

Insta-Banner---Mo-Flava---Bursary-Giveaway_800Johannesburg, Thursday, 6 January 2015 – For the 6th year running, Metro FM radio personality and club DJ, Mo Flava, is set to give away 10 bursaries to prospective students with a diploma entry matric certificate.

Mo Flava will be giving away bursaries to students interested in studying radio at Boston Media House.

“There’s a science to radio” expresses Mo Flava. “It’s not good enough to just have a nice voice or whatever stereotype people think will help them get on-air. A radio host needs to be well informed and up to date with current affairs to mention the least. I’ll be looking for candidates who are hungry to bring something extra to radio and want to learn the art just like any other profession.” further expresses Mo Flava.

Auditions/Interviews will be held at both the Boston Media House Sandton and Pretoria campuses during the Boston Media House open days running from the 16th to the 30th of January. Mo Flava will conduct all the auditions and will be available between 09:30am and 13:30pm on the below dates after which he will make a judgement on which 10 candidates will receive Boston Media House bursaries from him.

Audition dates:

  • 16 January Sandton
  • 23 January Pretoria
  • 30 January Sandton

The open days will also include an “Ask Me Anything”, where a panel of industry experts will be invited to share their knowledge about the media industry. All prospective media students are encouraged to attend these sessions.

Connect with Mo Flava on social media for tips on how prospective candidates can prepare for their audition.


    • mfp_admin

      You have to qualify to study for a diploma or degree program at Boston Media House. If and when you do, you need to the at the Sandton Campus early Saturday morning (the 30th of January 2016) with your matric certificate.

  1. TeemasterDj

    Hi Mo.

    I haven’t registered with Boston as yet, do I qualify for the bursary if you’re not registered with the school? Cause I went for auditions at Pretoria last saturday and I’m a bit worried that I might be chosen but only to find out that I’m not a registered student and can’t be reached.

    • mfp_admin

      Hi. This is a question best posed to Boston so they can be able to explain the process in detail. Get in touch with them, they are also happy to assist.


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