Boston Media House Bursary Recipients

Each year for the past 9 years, Mo Flava in collaboration with Boston Media House has been assisting a lot of South African students to get a head-start in their studies in the media business. Check out the previous article on past interviews BMH Bursaries 2019

The areas covered this year were Durban, Sandton, and Pretoria. The selection process has been completed and the process to notify all the recipients commerced on the 4th of February 2019. Students who haven’t received a call from the institution or from Mo Flava himself should deem their application unsuccessful.

Here’s a recap of the interviews in Sandton:

“What I noticed throughout the interviews I conducted was that a lot of people were so nervous. Nerves are good but do not let them control you. You might end up not saying what you really feel or think because of panicking. So breath and calm the f* down, I don’t bite”, laughs Mo.

Here are a couple of tips we got from the man himself:
1. Have some water handy and take deep breaths every time you start to panic.
2. Be authentic, regardless of the type of personality media people are presumed to have.
3. Self-confidence is key!
4. Note down your strong points and make sure to mention them. You may also look for areas that you would like to improve and touch on them a bit.
5. Practice with family or a friend and ask them to ask you tough questions about your interests, goals and career plans.

To future applicants, take note of the discussion we had with Mo Flava in order to give yourself a fair chance at benefiting from his bursary scheme. For more on the man behind the drive, look out for updates and other projects on his social media handles below:

Connect with Mo Flava:
Facebook: Mo Flava
Twitter: @MoFlavaDJ
Instagram: @MoFlava



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